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The origins

Our history

After a holiday in Solda, the German engineer Robert Berger fell in love with the landscapes of the Venosta Valley and decided to move there. It was at the end of the 70’s. In 1977 Robert Berger established TTM Thermo Tecno Management.

After almost 40 years of activity, TTM has become a reliable partner for a large number of companies in the fields of technical insulations, jacketing, cladding and tapes for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and plumbing.


During the first three years of activity, TTM assumed representation of such companies as Missel (1979), Danmat (1980) and Isolsiv (1980, only for German, Austrian and Swiss markets).


The amount of the products, of which TTM became an exclusive distributor, increased during the 80's. TTM became the sale representative for the following trademarks: Coroplast (1983 ), Kamarco Oy (1985), Therwoolin (1985). In 1985 TTM created its own brand ISOLPAK® that became over the years one of the most used/known PVC jacketing film for insulated piping in Europe.


In 1989, the company also started the production of the aluminum end-caps.


In 1995, the Isogenopak trademark joins the family of products represented by TTM.


In 2002, TTM moved to its current location, in the industrial area of Prato allo Stelvio. In 2007, the company celebrated 30 years of its activity.


In 2009, TTM assumed the representation of the Goebel trademark, specializing in the production of screws and fastening technique for technical insulation industry.


In the year 2018 the company invested in new machineries and added new technologies to its plant under the National Industry 4.0 Plan.


Acquirement of the ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management System.

2021 – 2022

The remodeling work of our plant has officially started!
The project includes the construction of a new logistic center, and at the same time the extension of our production as well as office surfaces.
Our goal is to have the new TTM plant ready within year 2022!

TTM today

TTM – Thermo Tecno Management has been working in the field of technical insulation, especially in jacketing and cladding, since 1977.

Thanks to our extensive sales network, we distribute insulations products for a wide variety of industrial applications in the global market.

TTM is a sales representative for the most important technical insulations cladding and tape brands on the market. We are a bridge which connects the manufacturers and the industrial processors.

Furthermore TTM works as a converter and can understand the technical evolution and the requirements of each individual project, in order to propose the most suitable products for solving all relevant issues.

We can say that TTM not only sells insulation products, but thanks to the extensive knowledge of the market the company provides the most suitable solutions in order to satisfy final customer needs.

TTM operates fast and flexible to offer the best solutions, in the shortest time possible, at the lowest price. This is thanks to an efficient stock management and also thanks to our location.

Over the years, we were able to expand our operations extensively and successfully in the European market. Nowadays we operate not only in Europe but also on the other continents, we cooperate with the insulations companies and the final clients around the globe.

TTM provides the customers with individual created solutions to solve their problems and issues, related to the technical insulation of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and plumbing systems.


The respect for our region and the whole planet, being conscious that our daily actions have consequences on our society, the sense of responsibility for the environment: values such as social, environmental, and economic sustainability inspired TTM activity since the beginning. The strong relation with the nature surrounding our company always leaded our business giving us the chance to take advantage of the characteristics of our geographic area to increase further our efforts for protecting the environment.

In the last years we achieved to strengthen our social commitment in pursuing all these values optimizing many aspects of our activity.

The Venosta Valley is a sun-blessed region, taking advantage of this we are able to cover our own energy needs through our photovoltaic modules on the roof.

Sustainability is a common value among our employees, thus TTM has built charging stations for electrical cars, pushingin this way the electrical mobility in the region.

Our R&D team is constantly searching sustainable solutions for electrical cars, pushing in this way the electrical mobility in the region.

Our R&D team is constantly searching sustainable solutions for our products, we have launched this year our ISOLPAK ECO BLACK, a jacketing solution for indoor produced to 80% of recycled material.

Furthermore, we have started the process of certification which foresees the environmental performance evaluation with LCA analysis according to ISO 14025


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Ing. Robert Berger


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Dott. Leo Karl Otto Berger


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Max Berger


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Dott. Kassian Wieser

Sales Director Italy

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Dott.ssa Sabine Corá

Key-Account & Project Manager Export

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Claudia Platzer

Accounting & Finances

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Stefanie Innerhofer


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Denise Regensburger


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Ortler Raimund


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Georg Kaufmann

Production & QS

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Azeddine Chamkar


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Michael Unterthurner

Technician and IT

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