TTM-Piomb XP is realized by means of pairing of a layer of open-cell polyurethane foam with density 35 kg / m², and a layer of physically cross-linked polyethylene with cells completely closed, with an interposed rubber-lead sheet with a net, with memory effect. It is resistant to temperatures from -50°C to +80°C.

Three-layer product composed of:

  • 1 layer: 3 mm physical polyethylene
  • 2 layer: rubber lead with a 2 mm net
  • 3 layer: 10 mm polyurethane

Standard sizes

width1000 mm
length2000 o 3000 mm
thicknesses13-23 mm etc.

Other sizes on request.
Size tolerance according to DIN 7715 Part 2.

REACTION TO FIRE Class 2 (self-extinguishing, not dripping) according to U194 – HF1 of DIN 75200 MVSS 302.