They are used for a neat finish of the Jacketing in PVC, ALU or ISOLPAK® ALU. End caps are available in all different sizes (see table below).

They are available in following colours: natural aluminum, Isolpak grey, black, red, and blue (for the distinction of outward conduct hot and cold return).

New!! There are also available PVC end caps in isolpak grey, black, sand grey and white colour.

Available dimensions

Insulation thicknesslengthm/boxm/carton
1/2″15 mm10 m50 m500 m
3/4″20 mm10 m50 m500 m
1″30 mm10 m50 m500 m
1 1/4″40 mm10 m50 m500 m
1 1/2″50 mm10 m50 m500 m
2″60 mm10 m50 m500 m
2 1/2″70 mm10 m50 m500 m
3″80 mm10 m10 m100 m
3 1/4″90 mm10 m10 m100 m
4″100 mm10 m10 m100 m