Universal cladding and jacketing solution

for insulated HVAC ducts and pipes

Innovation in the area of technical insulation

Isolpak® KOVERTEC is a new material in the area of technical insulation and is used for sealing insulated ducts and pipes. The unique self-welding characteristic allows fast and easy installation at any construction site. The high performance material is 100% watertight and weatherproof.

Isolpak® KOVERTEC provides extreme UV stability and weather resistance in all environments. Due to its absolute water and humidity tight sealing it prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI) at the duct pipe. The high performance material offers various opportunities for usage due to environmental friendly recipe.

Many years of proven experience and know-how in the area of technical insulation has led to this new innovative solution. Isolpak® KOVERTEC saves labour and storage costs thanks to its fast and easy installation which requires no tools apart from scissors. The material is 100% recyclable.

Technical data

Material:Polyisobutylene – high performance polymer
Application:cladding / jacketing / sealing of HVAC ducts, pipes and technical insulation
Widths:70mm, 140mm, 280mm, 560mm
Length:10 m per roll
Application temperature:+5° up to +40°
Fire class:E according to DIN EN 13501-1 (test EN ISO 11925-2)
Connections:by self-welding
Weight:appr. 1,85 kg/m²
1,31 kg/roll of 70mm
2,63 kg/roll of 140mm
10,50 kg/roll of 560mm
Thickness:appr. 1,05mm
UV stability:DIN 16726 (DIN EN ISO 20811)
Water column:> 7,5m (DIN EN ISO 20811)
Vapour permeability:Sd > 400 m; μ> 400,000 (DIN EN ISO 1931)
Storage:dry up to +40°
Colours:Anthracite, light-grey