Hangers / Pins self-adhesive or non-adhesive

TTM pins (ARPIONI) allow quick and easy mounting of insulating materials on smooth and clean, rough and irregular surfaces (such as concrete, masonry, metals).

The high grade adhesive on the base, ensures that the self-adhesive pins provide a secure fixing for the insulation.

For fixing the non-adhesive perforated pins, one can use both special glues and screws or rivets.

(32mm flat washer included)

designhanger with self-adhesive or perforated base plate + flat washer
base plate50mm x 50mm; galvanized steel or stainless steel
nailapprox. 2,7mm; galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum
length19 – 140 mm
washerdiam. 32 mm/38 mm; galvanized steel or stainless steel

The welding of the pawl with washer allows the fixing of the insulating material in a single operation. The nail coated with a plastic film allows easy attachment of the insulation materials coated with aluminum or metal mesh.

Designwelding nails with mounting plate
Mounting plategalvanized steel / stainless steel
Nailapprox. 0 2.7 mm steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Length15 – 150 mm
Washer diam.30 mm