Plasticized PVC adhesive tape




Applications, properties and advantages:

  • Multi-purpose tape for all standard insulating work, repairing of damaged insulation [rubber, PVC, PE, …], taping of cable ends and branches, stripping of armatures and coils, labeling and marking.
  • Bundling and binding of cable harnesses
  • Resistant to a large extent to dilute acids and alkalis
  • Resistant to motor vehicle operating fluids
  • Unchanged, good material properties following application even with varying temperatures
  • Thanks to its high ductility can be applied without folds around all uneven surfaces
  • Adhesive tape for hermetic and wind proof constructions

Technical data

backing materialplasticiezed PVC film
tape thickness0,10 mm
colorblack, other colors available on request
width9, 12, 15, 19, 25, 30, 38 and 50 mm
length10 and 25 m
tensile strength18 N/cm
elongation at break190 %
adhesion to steel1,5 N/cm
water vapor permeability< 50 g/m² x 24h
temperature resistance–12 to +80 °C