TTM-Piomb is a sound insulation panel consisting of expanded cross-linked polyethylene and expanded polyurethane with a lead sheet 0,35 mm thick, specifically for the sound insulation of pipelines.

TTM-Piomb is an excellent acoustic insulation product, owing to the lead sheet and an excellent sound soundproofing capacity. Aplomb is widely used for insulation of boxes, compressors, pipes and industrial casings.

Applications, properties, and advantages:

  •      urban and fluvial discharges
  •      industrial pipelines
  •      civil and industrial machinery
  •      ducts

Technical data

baseThree-layer product consisting of:
A) Cross-linked polyethylene foam – 3mm
B) Lead – 0,35m
C) Flat polyurethane – 10 or 20mm
sound insulationRW=29,0 =29,0 2m 1000 mm
length2 m
width1000 mm
fire resistanceClass 2 (self-extinguishing)