Tape Structure

Backing: glass fibre laminated Bopp
Adhesive: synthetic rubber/resins clear adhesive




Applications, properties and advantages:

  • Multipurpose tape, mainly used as a packaging tape with extreme tension strength.
  • Tape is also used as a bonding tape for foam glass pipe sections to hold them together in the process of installation.
  • The tape is available either as double or mono glass filament tape.

Technical data

Total Weightg/m²112± 10 %ISO 536
Total Thicknessmy115± 10 %AFERA 5006
MD tensile strengthN/cm> 180AFERA 5004
MD elongation at break%< 10AFERA 5004
Adhesion to steel plateN/cm> 4,5AFERA 5001
Rolling ball tack< 5PSTC 6

Standard dimensions

19 mm x 50 m
38 mm x 50 m
50 mm x 50 m
75 mm x 50 m
100 mm x 50 m