Elastomeric rubber tape for thermal insulation.

Flexible mono-adhesive tape, made of elastomeric rubber, available in gray, white or black PE.





Applications, properties and advantages:

  • It is a tape of expanded and self-adhesive elastomer, used for insulation of hot/cold pipes and/or as a garnish.
  • Material: synthetic closed-cell rubber, colour black.
  • With a cross-linked adhesive surface and a protective film. Alternatively, expanded cross-linked polyethylene (PE).



Chemical and physical properties

denominationanti-condensation tape
sheetelastomeric rubber Cl1
y. value>5000 DIN 52615
thermal conductivitya 0°C=0,036 W/(m.k.)DIN 52613
Fire resistanceCl1-M1
Elastomeric foamFEF (flexible elastomeric foam)
Sound insulation>28 dBDIN 52218
Application area-25°C – + 122°C
Resist. to fungi and parasitesexcellent
Resist. to atmospheric agentsexcellent