The S I Fonik products use high-density masses (1300 – 1400 Kg/m3) with excellent visco-elastic properties made of partially reticulated polymers and antiflame mineral charges.


Applications, properties and advantages:

Products harmless for the health of insiders and final users

  • Class 1 fire reaction
  • Most competitive prices and price stability over time
  • Performance comparable to lead mass products
  • Acoustic tests available for use on continuous and discontinuous plants and on building applications
  • Ease and functionality of installation.

Standard sizes

width1000 mm
length1200 mm
thickness13 mm
specific gravity1.300 — 1.400 Kg/m3
ecological dataCFC and HCFC free
Soundproofing PowerRW 26 dB

UNI EN ISO 140-3
UNI EN ISO 717-1
fire resistance class
CL. 1 (IT) – BS 476 Pt. 6 1989 CI. O (UK) – Brandkennziffer 5,3 (CH)