Isolpak® ALU White – The innovation for outdoor applications

ISOLPAK® ALU White is an innovative insulation jacketing for outdoor use. ISOLPAK® ALU White is the consistent further development of ISOLPAK® ALU, the undisputed market leader of the outdoor clad insulation. Proven multi-layer construction of the ISOLPAK® ALU White provides unprecedented features in technology and efficiency.

The key success factors of the ISOLPAK® ALU White are the easy installation and machine free handling.

ISOLPAK® ALU White is a new high technological foil and is perfect economic alternative to the current real metal jacketing systems.

ISOLPAK® ALU White combines the technical advantages of plastic and aluminum, but is an inexpensive alternative to real aluminum sheets.

Even strong deformations represent no problem for the film as it returns to the starting position. Dents and bruises are a thing of the past. Especially on project sites where artisans
still have to finish other work you can be sure that your ISOLPAK® ALU White installations
still looks great after a few weeks.



Due to the highly UV-protective film ISOLPAK® ALU White has an advantage also in difficult environments such as the roof for solar collector pipes, etc.

Perfect appearance coupled with economic benefits

ISOLPAK® ALU White differs particularly by its glossy white appearance to the other PVC and ISOLPAK® ALU sheathings. It has the same intermediate layer of pure aluminum as other ISOLPAK® ALU foils. A layer of an extremely durable UV-protective film protects the middle layer of aluminum from harmful external influences and corrosion, this guarantees that functionality and appearance in the long term.

DescriptionMetric valueUS value
Test method
Standard thickness340 mic15 mil
Standard width1,00 and 1,20 m3 and 4 feet
Fire classB1 DIN 4102 ASTM E 84-12
Impact strength≥ 400 kJ/m²ISO 8256
Tensile strength> 35 N/mm²> 5076 lbf/in²ISO 527
Elasticityca. 1800 N/mm²ISO 527
LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index)45 %O₂ASTM D 2863-77
Sd-Value> 1300 M
Emissivity0,94 %
Temperatur resistance-26 to +70 °C-15 to +160 °F