Double-sided adhesivetape




Applications, advantages and properties:

  • Double-sided adhesive tape for hermetically sealing overlapping areas of vapor retarders and barriers made of fleece, PP or PE
  • For durable fixing of films to e.g. wooden beams, metal sections and stud frames
  • Good adhesion to all smooth or slightly rough substrates
  • Equipped with non-woven reinforcement and special acrylic adhesive with extremely high resistance to moisture
  • Paper interliner makes tapes easy to tear by hand
  • Strong adhesive suitable for construction sites
  • Very good ageing properties
  • Free of solvents, emulsifiers and other emulsion additives (APEOs)
  • Applicable at temperatures as low as – 10°C

Technical data

Carrieradhesive with non-woven reinforcement
Coveringrepellent paper
Thickness0.2 mm
Widths20 mm
Lengths20 m
Tensile strengthn.a.
Elongation at breakn.a.
Adhesion on steel16 N/cm
Temperature range-40 to +100 ° C