This product, an adhesive tape, was created to be used in industrial applications. In particular, to be stockable and storable in rolls of 1000 linear meters that could be used in special dispensers, without losing its characteristics.

Starting materials

  • Sheet of rigid PVC
  • Acrylic adhesive tape


We were requested to create an adhesive tape for industrial applications, that would be quick and easy to apply, economical, and would optimize the manufacturing processes.


Seam Tape was born from the combination of a PVC adhesive tape and a rigid sheet of the same material. From the union of these two products, we created a tape that combines the resistance of the rigid PVC sheet and the characteristics of the adhesive. In such a manner, the product can be easily created and stored in required quantities, without losing the characteristics. Due to its industrial length it is competitive to the other products available on the market.

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