The client that had requested this product is a company that is engaged in production of accessories for camping and leisure.

Starting materials

  • PVC sheet
  • Metal ALU sheet


We were requested to create a material for a low-quantity production, the purpose of which was to make a reflective multilayer thermomat for insulation of camper cabins. The product had to be usable both in summer and in winter. Therefore, it was necessary to combine the UV resistance and reflecting ability with the resistance to low temperatures to prevent the final product from stiffening and breaking.


To make sure that the created material can meet all the required specifications, we made a double-sided coating, by using two sheets of different materials.
One side is made of PVC, a material isolating from the cold that doesn’t lose its malleability in cold temperatures. The other side is composed of a metal sheet of aluminum, a material resistant to UV rays, with an adequate reflecting ability to isolate camper cabin from the heat.
The combined use of a PVC sheet and a metal sheet of aluminum has created further advantages, particularly, the possibility to launch low-quantity production.

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