To launch a new product to the market, one should take into account the characteristics and needs of that market. When we decided to enter the American market, we found ourselves exactly in this situation. In fact, the insulation claddings used in the United States had needs and characteristics that differed from those of the products we were used to, those are claddings of aluminum or galvanized steel that are the standard in Europe.

Starting materials

  • Multilayer Isolpak® ALU
  • ALU embossed sheet
  • Coroplast adhesive


We were required by the market to create a cladding for outdoors in white colour, embossed and designed for industrial applications. Namely, it had to be transformable and usable at very low costs.


In order to meet the needs of the US market, we created a new product based on three existing products.
As a basis for the product that we had in mind, we chose multilayer ISOLPAK® ALU, high technological insulating cladding with an excellent coefficient of resistance over time. We combined ISOLPAK® ALU with an ALU embossed sheet, to which we consequently added such characteristic as colour white. Finally, we completed the product with the Coroplast adhesive, an adhesive resistant to humidity and aging.
From the union of these products ISOLPAK® Alu White / Embosses came into existence – a combined system, capable to meet all the needs and requirements of the American market, for which it was designed.

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