The client who had commissioned us this product is a company active in northern Europe. The harsh climate of those areas put to the test the capacity of standard adhesive tapes in respect of quick application, proper perspiration and resistannce to the difficult wather conditions and durability over time.

Starting materials

  • Coroplast adhesive tape


We were requested to create a hermetic adhesive tape that could stick quickly even at very low temperatures without losing its elasticity, breathability and durability.


In order to create the requested product, we have modified the characteristics of a product existing in the market – the Coroplast adhesive tape. We have been a partner of this company for many years and, thanks to our know-how, we have worked together to modify the chemical formula of both layers of the adhesive tape, so as to achieve the required result.

Owing to these changes, we have made an adhesive tape capable to perform its sticking strength even at low temperatures, without first having to be heated. Besides, this adhesive tape maintains its flexibility and it doesn’t stiffen, ensuring in a such way reliability even in the presene of substantial climatic fluctuations. Finally, it resists to the contact with hot air and humidity without detaching, preventing the creation of unwanted detachments in the insulation systems.

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