Self adhesive jacketing product for outdoor application

Special adhesive for superior cold weather adhesion and for application on sites.

Construction: HQ special 7-ply laminate from aluminum and polyester film, and on top a transparent UV protection film

The unique adhesive system of Isolpak CLAD 7-ply offers excellent resistance to humidity and moisture, UV exposure, and allows application in a wide range of weather conditions including lower temperature areas.

Available the following colors:

Isolpak® CLAD 7-ply | ISOLPKAK CLAD WHITE 7layerwhite

Isolpak® CLAD 7-ply | ISOLPAK CLAD SILVER 7layeraluminum

Isolpak® CLAD 7-ply | ISOLPAK CLAD BLACK 7layerblack (similar to Pantone 426C)

Isolpak® CLAD 7-ply | ISOLPAK CLAD SILVER 7layer EMBOSSEDstucco embossed

Isolpak® CLAD 7-ply | ISOLPKAK CLAD GREY 7layerand grey (similar to pantone 430C)

A revolutionary way of weatherproofing insulation as it is completely self-adhesive and doesn’t require additional adhesive or mastics to create a seal. It is a barrier against water and water vapor and a safe protection against moisture penetration – zero permeability!

Isolpak CLAD 7-ply is used for sealing of seams and joints of aluminum coated insulation systems in air ducts and pipelines. It is used also for large-area lamination of mineral wool and fiberglass facings or industrial foam products. The installation is quick and easy with no need of any special expensive tools.

Available up to 1000mm (3 feet) width.

The material has very good ageing properties, great chemical resistance and it is solvent free.

Technical Data

Characteristics   Metric value   US value
Thickness    0,15 mm    7 mil
Elongation at break    > 50%
Tensile strength    > 55 N/cm  6 lbs/in
Adhesion to steel    > 12 N/cm  ca. 97 oz/in
Temperature resistance     -40 up to +130°C  -40 up to +270°F
180° Peel on SS 24h    36 N/25mm CF


Standard dimension: width 600 mm (2 feet) x length 50 m (150 feet)