Embossed aluminum foil (99.5% of aluminum) used for the jacketing of insulated pipes is easily installable due to the curling effect. The embossing increases the mechanical strength of the foil.

Embossed aluminum foil is the type of jacketing which is alternative to ISOLPAK® PVC but has better fire protection. (I.e. emergency exits).
The wide range of special parts such as bends, T-connections and boxes for valves allow a complete and easy installation.

Method of application:

Cut the required length of the foil on a special cutting unit. Wrap the insulated pipe, fix the joints with aluminum tape Coroplast or with special nails [with an applied magnetic drift]. The curves are available premolded in different sizes.

Limitation of use:

  • Maximum diameter of the pipe 500 mm
  • Surface temperature 250 °C
  • Application with low internal mechanical stress

Technical Specifications

25m100 cm0,20 mm
25m100 cm0,10 mm
50m100 cm0,05 mm
100m100 cm0,20 mm
200m100 cm0,10 mm

“other dimension on request